петък, 7 март 2014 г.

the academy is...

So,cousin Beau преди няколко дена направи a pretty awesome survey и си помислих "You know what,опитвам се да започна да слушам музика отново,ще го направя и аз".
От доста отдавна не бях слушала The Academy is...но така и така нещо ми е мъчно за 2007/2008.
Here we go...

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question one: are you male or female?
his girl friday

question two: describe yourself?

we've got a big mess on our hands

question three: what do people feel when they are around you?
down and out

question four: how would you describe your previous relationship?
about a girl

question five: describe your current relationship?
crowded room

question six: where would you like to be now?
unexpected places

question seven: how do you feel about love?
skeptics and true believers

question eight: what’s your life like?
automatic eyes

question nine: what would you ask for if you only had one wish?
one more weekend

question ten: say something wise.
pour yourself a drink

2 коментара:

  1. nope, nope
    след oscars nightа не мисля, че последното е very wise

    но pretty kewl са отговорите, i like

  2. Не ми напомняй за Oscar night.
    Лупита Ньонго е виновна,because she is flawless.